Saturday, January 1, 2011

20mm Winter Germans

Below are greens of two new packs of Sgt Major Miniatures 20mm WWII German Winter Troops.  These figures should be available on the SGMM web site sometime in February of 2011.

This is an HQ pack, from left to right:  Radio Operator, NCO, Officer, 2 medics.

This is the machine Gun Pack.

20mm Modern Afghans

This will be the third pack in the new Sgt Major Miniatures modern line of 20mm figures.  The first two packs are US Army, and are currently at the mold maker.  These greens just arrived, and therefore are not likely to be available for sale until sometime in February.

28mm Maiden Guard

I have recently received the greens for the Maiden Guard for the Molon Labe Ancient Indian line of 28mm ancients.  These are the greens, not pictured with shields or spears, though they will be included when the figures are released.  Likely wont be available until early February.